Playboys and Lost Mastercards

The Old Vic Theatre
The Old Vic Theatre

After spending the day in Cardiff I decided to go back to London to see a show.  I tried for “War Horse” but it was sold out, so I moved on to “The Playboy of the Western World“.  It’s a classic, it was at the Old Vic Theatre (Kevin Spacey as Artistic Director), and it’s the original Irish riot play.  I’d seen “The Plough and the Stars” the year earlier in Dublin, so I figured why not continue along that train.  And after seeing this play, I can see why the public would have gone a little crazy.

Also, in true “Alison” fashion, I had no idea who the stars were until months afterwards.  (Don’t blame me, blame my lack of Netflix.)

Why hello Robert Sheehan and Ruth Negga (from Misfits).
Why hello Robert Sheehan and Ruth Negga (from Misfits).

The day after the show I realized that I had lost my credit card.  I’d used my MasterCard to purchase tickets and I thought I’d put it back in my wallet, but it was nowhere to be seen.  So it was back to the Old Vic to see if maybe they had it.

The Box Office didn’t have my card (I hadn’t left it on the counter or in the machine), but they suggested that I try the Lost and Found, which was at the stage door.  So I went to the stage door and knocked, and then had a lovely conversation with the man who watched the stage door (and was the keeper of both the Lost and the Found).

As he was trying to locate the item a man passed me, on his way to his dressing room no doubt.  I recognized him from the play last night and wanted to tell him that he’d done a great job, but I am a chicken and unable to talk to people.

Yes, I passed up the chance to talk to Robert Sheehan.  I am an idiot.

Anyways, my card was not at the theatre.

Travel Tip: copy down all those help numbers on the back of your credit cards and put them somewhere safe (ie. not in your wallet).

I didn’t have the European help number, so I decided that I might as well wait until I got home to call.  I only had 3 days left anyways, and my card had a chip (and as far as I knew nobody knew my PIN).

When I got home I phone my card provider and, thankfully, the last charge was the ticket at the Old Vic.  So I cancelled my card and they sent me a new one.

But you should remember to copy down those numbers.  Okay?

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