Is It Patio Season Yet?

[EDIT: I’m back!  The eyes are doing well, although they’re not very fond of bright computer screens right now (or bright lights).]

We’ve had deceptively good weather for the past few days here in Halifax.  It’s great, but it gets you thinking that it can’t last forever.  Sooner or later we’re probably going to get a ton of snow dumped on us.  Not that snow would be anything new.  This winter has been wicked for storms.  For four weeks in a row we had the “Wednesday Storm”, which fell on Wednesday just like clockwork.

But it’s nice that it’s nice outside.  On Saturday it was “no scarf, no hat, no gloves, coat open” nice.  It makes me think of summer and of patio season.

I love patio season in Halifax.

All around the city bars and restaurants build patios on the sidewalks in front of their establishments, giving diners and drinkers the chance to sit outside on beautiful days.  On the weekends you have to get there early if you want to find a seat, lest you have to dine inside in the “fake sunlight”.

Last year a friend and I spent lovely times on the patio of Bistro Le Coq, a french restaurant on Argyle Street.  They have a great brunch menu, lovely cocktails, and their October Table d’hote menu was so delicious.

So here’s to summer (which will get here eventually) and to a season of sipping drinks on a patio with good friends and good food.


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