Needs More Cupcakes…

I only have record of 2 different times when I tried cupcakes on this trip.  I must be slipping in my old age…

First Up: Ella’s Bakehouse, Covent Garden (I think it’s now called The Cupcake Bakehouse)

They're smaller so that you can eat more!
They’re smaller so that you can eat more!

I decided to go with the small cupcakes, so that I could try a variety of flavours.  I believe that’s 1 vanilla/vanilla, 2 chocolate/chocolate, and 1 red velvet.  I remember that they were better than the tiny cupcakes I’d had in New York.  The edible glitter in the frosting looks nice (especially when they’re not squished), but looks can only get you so far when you’re an edible item.  I’ve had better.


Next up: Primrose Bakery, Covent Garden

Well you can't just try one...
Well you can’t just try one…

The left one is violet flavoured and has candied violet on top.  The second was probably a vanilla/vanilla with white chocolate curls.

(Say what you will, I think you can tell a lot about a bakery by how it does its vanilla/vanilla cupcakes.)

I liked these more.  They violet was subtle, but good; and there wasn’t too much frosting on them.  Looking at their website I see that they have lots of different flavours and I’d love to try the Earl Grey when I get back to London.  As well as the nutella.  And the malteaser.  …and now it’s time to stop looking at cupcakes…

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