My Notes From The Cloisters

I decided to go back over my “notes” from my trip to the Cloisters.  See, I’d gone there specifically to see the Lewis Chessmen (as well as the Unicorn Tapestries), but I can’t find any pictures of the Chessmen.  I thought my notes might give me some insight as to why.

Turns out that the notes don’t give me any clue.  It’s possible that I did take pictures, but they’re trapped on my hard drive (which I can’t access).

Another guess is that I saw them only 4 months earlier in London, and might have thought that I had enough pictures of them:

I bet I would have lost that game.
I bet I would have lost that game.

Or maybe I didn’t take a picture because they were a special exhibit and there were no cameras allowed.  Normally that doesn’t faze me, but according to my notes I had a lovely conversation with one of the security guards at the Cloisters (I wouldn’t have taken pictures in front of a security guard).

Or maybe I was just having a good chat with the security guard and didn’t get around to taking pictures.  The guard mentioned that the Chessmen were the first special exhibit that the Cloister’s had in 15 years, which makes the exhibit really special.  He also showed me the oldest item in the Cloisters – a sort of stone box, probably used for burials.  I would have totally taken a tour from him.

My notes aren’t as detailed as I would’ve liked (they didn’t mention the old item – that was pure memory!), but they do mention how I “Had to climb a big frigging mountain to get” to the Cloisters.  And how I “walked back down the ‘frigging mountain’ ” to get to the Tube station again.

Priorities, I guess.

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