Trying New Things

I try to think of myself as open-minded regarding food.  I only have 2 major “no-no”s (black licorice and dill), and even though I don’t really like certain foods (i.e. green peppers) I still eat them.  So when I travel I try to be open to culinary opportunities.

For example, when I was in Morocco (so many years ago) I ate what was put in front of me.  I might have had no idea what the meat was, but it was good.  And their bread was delicious.

Some times I don’t get the opportunity to try certain foods – such as frogs legs, which I couldn’t try because I had run out of money in Paris and had to budget like a mad-man.  Some times I cheat – such as when K and I had haggis pizza in Scotland instead of regular haggis.

One thing I didn’t get to try in Scotland can be made in your own kitchen (at your own discretion).

The deep fried Mars Bar!

Preparations have been made.
Preparations have been made.

I was hesitant to try this, as my heart wanted to stop at just the mention of it, but I had a persistent friend.  So we geared up for some deep-fried-experimentation!  And we added Reese Peanut Butter Cups to our list, because, you know.

The batter was a basic flour batter – nothing fancy.  It turned out to be a good batter because there wasn’t too much on the chocolate bars, yet enough to make it interesting.


We learned that the deep fryer was not the best method, as the basket didn’t go low enough and the batter ended up frying itself into the basket.  we removed the basket and continued on our way.

My heart still kind-of hurts looking at this.
My heart still kind-of hurts looking at this.

In the end we successfully managed to deep fry each of us a Mars Bar, and those who wanted had a peanut butter cup along with it.

Delicious, delicious grease...
Delicious, delicious grease…

Now, I will not say this lightly, but the peanut butter cups weren’t that extraordinary.  I don’t know what universe I traveled to, but the Mars Bar was the clear winner in this contest.

It was like eating a magical, nougaty smore.  Oh man, it was delicious.

I’ve heard of other deep-fried chocolate bars (curly-wurlies; galaxy bars), and some day we may raid the European candy section and go for it.

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