Where Was I?

I was getting ready to post about a trip to St. John’s I took a few years ago when I realized that I’d probably already posted about it.  Sure enough (after a quick search) I found out that I had posted about it.  Hmm…

Due to my laser-eyes, I haven’t traveled anywhere for the past year (which is driving me a bit mad – crazy, not angry).  This means that I have no new photos for you.  Instead, I have to go back to the past, which means that I have to remember what I have and haven’t written about.

Aside from figuring out what I’ve posted over the past 1.5 years, I’ve also managed to completely over-extend myself in terms of work/play.  May is going to be one crazy month for me.

Oh, and my computer – which died four months ago and I gave to a friend to try and fix – is not yet fixed.  I’ve tried finding an external hard drive adaptor for my old hard drive, but it’s apparently a mythical creature that is not compatible with anything existing on Earth.  That hard drive has quite a few of my photos (and my music – lesson learned: back everything up!).

So it’s going to be an interesting week/month.

On the plus side, we had actual sunlight on Saturday and Sunday (well, until the rain came on Sunday).  Spring is slowly making it’s way here.

One thing I like to do is take a picture of the sun whenever it’s out, to remind myself that eventually the sun will shine (especially needed on drizzly days like today).  Here’s an old photo from Dingle Tower for you:

Dingle Tower and the Sun.
Dingle Tower and the Sun.

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