The Fireside

I had a truly miserable day last Friday.  Like, really miserable.  I also worked both jobs, so by the end of the evening I was Done (with a capital D).  Thankfully it was Friday, which meant that myself and Randi (who was also having a miserable day) could go out for a refreshing beverage afterwards.

Now, Friday nights in downtown Halifax can be difficult to navigate if you don’t go out at the right time.  By the time work ends almost everywhere is standing-room-only.  We tossed around a few bars on Argyle Street but eliminated them due to them being too crowded or too loud.

Then we decided to go to the Fireside.  It’s not a “yeah, let’s get druuunk!” bar.  It’s a “comfortable chairs, fire in the fireplace, delicious menu” bar. It’s a “I’ve had a long day of work and I need a comfortable place to sit, talk, and drink” bar.

(Full disclosure: I didn’t take any pictures while I was there, so I scavenged these from online.)

The Fireside entrance & patio.
The Fireside entrance & patio.

I’ve been to the Fireside many times over the years.  Valentine’s Day, playing crib and eating raspberry kuchen with friends; random summer day, having dinner and martinis with friends; impromptu theatre meeting with drinks; etc.

On this particular day it took a while for us to get service.  We didn’t mind too much, as we were comfortable, but we really wanted to order drinks and food.  When the server came over he explained that there had been a shift change in the area and he thought we had been served by the previous server.  I told him no and that we had been waiting a while – not in a rude way, but in a matter-of-fact way.  I’m glad I said something, because he gave us great service after that.  At the end he apologized again for the mistake and I told him that he more than made up for it (and tipped nicely).  See, I can be a nice person.

We were in the top right chairs.  And yes, there was a fire in the fireplace (it's only May after all).
We were in the top right chairs. And yes, there was a fire in the fireplace (it’s only May after all).

Honestly, I don’t know why I don’t go here more often.  Actually, it’s probably because I would eat so much raspberry kuchen.

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