Holiday Time – Victoria Day

It’s a holiday today.  More specifically, it’s the holiday where we Canadians celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria.  Back in Newfoundland we always referred to it as May 2-4 weekend (two-four), as it’s the weekend where you take a 2-4 into the woods with a bunch of friends and camp.  Funnily enough, I don’t think I ever did that…

Today is extra special in Halifax, because we’ve got Prince Charles and Camilla visiting us.

Even though I have the day off, I decided to spend it taking some much needed R&R.  I’ve been going full tilt lately, and I’ve been getting over a bug, so I’d rather spend the day playing video games and watching Big Fat Quizzes.

Although I did get to celebrate with everyone else, since the cannon went off at 10am.  And 10:00:30, and 10:01:00, etc, etc, etc…  The cannon went off for pretty much a full five minutes (with some silence in between while they reloaded).  Fair enough – it is a holiday and we do have royalty here.

And at noon the cannon went off, as usual.  Not as usual, it continued going off for another 5 minutes.  Now, I love my noon cannon, but 5 minutes is a bit excessive – especially for the second time in two hours.

But never mind that.  The day is muggy, but it’s not raining.  I made myself a milkshake, and I’m looking forward to a bit more R&R with the cat (once I finish sweeping, that it).  It’s not very royal, but it’s nice.

Also, in honour of my being a Newfoundlander, I got some Buddy Wasisname playing:

How are you spending your holiday (or not-holiday)?

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