This Just In – Indochine

It’s a beautiful day today and all I want to do is sit outside in the sunshine.  Sadly, I’m working all day.  Not so sadly, I know where to go for supper.

Since my lunch break at work is not very long I have to choose places that are close by for eating at (if I don’t bring a lunch).  Something less than 5 minutes away will be better for me to go to rather than something 10-15 minutes away, because I’ll be able to spend more time eating.

And thankfully, one of my favorite restaurants has opened a second location just minutes away!

Indochine makes great-tasting food.  I’ve always gone for their lemongrass chicken banh mi, since I never went there very often.  It’s fresh and tasty, and just that bit of spicy (from the birds-eye chilies).  And now that they’re closer I can’t wait to try all other other foods – such as their fusion tacos and pho.

Speaking of food, I’m off to get some supper.

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