Go West

When I tell people that I haven’t really traveled throughout Canada they’re surprised.  I’m a Canadian, so why haven’t I ever been outside of the Atlantic Provinces?  When I was young I went on a family trip to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI (but I didn’t really have a choice in where we went because I was 8).

See, the problem with growing up on an island is that getting off the island is either time consuming or expensive.  Flying = Very expensive (especially if you can’t fly out of St. John’s); driving = Very time consuming.

Once I was old enough to travel I realized that I could go where ever I wanted, and those places mostly resided in Europe.

In the back of my mind is the idea that I really need to see more of Canada.  So when I read that a play that I really wanted to see was going to be in Toronto I posted that I was considering going there to see it.  A friend said that I could sleep on her couch, to which I went “Seriously?  Because if so…”.

Long story short – I’m going to Toronto!  It will be my first big Canadian City, and I’m looking forward to seeing why everyone who’s formerly lived there brags about it.  Also, I get to see that show!

So vacation fun times + more blog fodder + seeing an awesome friend + checking off more Canadian cities =  Travel plans!


[Post-Script: As I was categorizing this post I realized that I have Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Halifax as categories, but not Canada.  Sorry Canada.  It’s been fixed.]

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