Things I’d Like To Do In Toronto

This is a tentative list of things I’d like to do in Toronto.  Right now I’m stage managing a show and working a full-time job, so my research time is limited (I’m not sure how I found time to even get this blog post written – probably I should have been working).

Once I have more free time I’m going to go into crazy “find ALL THE THINGS” mode, so this list may change, but it’s not bad for a start.


1) See “The God That Comes” at Tarragon Theatre:


The show that started it all.  Most of my travel plans get started when I realize that I want to see a show that’s playing somewhere else.  I adore Hawksley Workman and his live show is hilarious and amazing.  I would have seen this show last year, but I was in Europe when it was in Halifax.


2) Go to the ROM:


Looking at pictures of this building makes me want to visit it.  I barely know anything about the exhibits, but would like nothing more than to run through the hallways with a camera.


3) Walk though Kensington Market

(Photo found at
(Photo found at

I keep hearing things about this place, and I love a good market.


4) Go up the CN Tower

(Photo found at
(Photo found at

I blame this on my minor God-Complex, because I love being up high and looking down on all the little people.  Also, it’s been struck by lightening 40-50 times.  I want to get to the top and start laughing maniacally, but then someone will probably escort me to the ground and tell me never to come back again.


Any suggestions?

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