Gettin’ Around

Now that I have a life again (translation: the show I’ve been working on has ended), I need to figure out some stuff about my upcoming trip.  The first thing I have to consider is: how do I get around the city?

Most of the cities I’ve traveled to have extensive subway systems, but at first glance Toronto’s subway seems to be a bit lacking:


3 lines?  That’s it?  Well, maybe I’ll luck out and everything I want to see will be located near those stops.

It would be helpful if the streets were grids, like New York.  (Quick glance at the street maps.)  It’s not as square as New York, but I see a lot of straight lines and square-ish areas!

I could get around using the TTC buses.  I’ve heard crazy stories from friends about the bus system, but I’m sure that the majority of bus-travel is uneventful.  Still, I do prefer the subway for getting around.

(Checks the TTC website for fares and such) OH NO WAY!  They have streetcars?!  Like real streetcars?  (Does a quick search online)  They’re new, but they’re still streetcars!  Move over buses – I’m taking a ride on a streetcar!


Next up – where should I go and where is it all located?

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