Theatrical Options

What does one see when one goes to Toronto?  Let’s look at some of the local theatrical offerings!

Don't underestimate the power of the black box.
Don’t underestimate the power of the black box.


1) “The God That Comes” – Tarragon Theatre

Hawksley Workman + 2b Theatre = ’nuff said.  This is the show that started the whole trip.  There is no option – I am definitely seeing this show!


2) “12 Angry Men” – Soulpepper

I actually Stage Managed this show for Lion’s Den Theatre (and provided the voice of the judge).  I’d love to see someone else do it (and be able to watch it without worrying about cues).  And they’re staging it in the round (like we did).


3) “Millennium Approaches” & “Perestroika” (Angels in America) – Soulpepper

The photos for this show look amazing, and I’d love to see both shows (which clock in at 6 hours total).  My only worry is time constraints.


4) “Company” – Theatre 20

I’ve never seen this show before and I doubt that I’ve heard any songs (we listen to Broadway songs on random, so I might have without realizing it).  But it’s got Sarah Slean & Nia Vardalos, and a friend has recommended it.


5) “Romeo and Juliet” – National Ballet of Canada

I’ve seen Romeo and Juliet as a ballet before, but it’s been so long since I’ve seen any ballet, and this is the National Ballet of Canada.  Plus, the theatre looks really nice.


6) “Sixteen Scandals” – Second City Toronto

The name of Second City is draw enough, and it’s getting great reviews.  I’d love to see the Second City team live.

Honourable mention: Mirvish.  They’re a multi-theatre operations that shows lots of big-budget musicals (plus other shows), but there’s nothing playing at any of them while I’m in Toronto.  Oh well, maybe next time.

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