A Lovely Day In The Neighbourhood


With only 4 days in Toronto, I had a big list of things to see and do.  My first day in Toronto I did… nothing on that list.  What I did, however, was much more fun.  I got to see old friends, catch up, and make new friends.

My friend, who was putting up with me putting me up, lives in the Little Portugal area of Toronto, and it is a really nice neighbourhood.  After I arrived we went for a drink at Reposado.  Their margaritas are tasty and are about 50% tequila, so drink slow (or fast, if that’s how you like it).  Then we went to Pizzeria Libretto for supper (arugula salad, gnocchi, margherita pizza, and dessert).  The food was very tasty (try the chilli dip for the pizza) and the service was fantastic.

After that we went to a new bar – the Well – to meet up with friends.  I tried a sampler of beers (all beers that we don’t have in Halifax), and our friends had the slider plate (3 different kinds of sliders) which smelled great, but I was too full to even sample.

The night ended at Get Well.  It was their anniversary night, so it was quite crowded, but we found a place to stand and the company was great.  They’ve got lots of beers on tap, and they have arcade machines at the back.  It was too crowded to get near the machines, but I hear that they’re free to play.

Like I said, it’s a nice neighbourhood.

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