8 Pictures – Casa Loma

Casa Loma looks like a castle, but it’s really a gothic residence.  Now it’s a museum, although judging by the look of things when I went there, it’s also a nice place to have a wedding.  Who wouldn’t want to get married at the place where they filmed scenes from X-men?

I had some time to kill before my show at Tarragon, so I decided to wander up to Casa Loma – emphasis on the word ‘up’.  At least it was a nice day for a walk…

The wall at the base of the hill.
The wall at the base of the hill.
Getting closer!
Getting closer!
The 'Casa' in question.
The ‘Casa’ in question.

I didn’t go inside, because it was late.

Also, I didn’t want to interrupt the wedding group, which was taking photos on the right of my photo.

View from the top.
View from the top.
A rest area.
A rest area.
Going down...
Going down…
Still going down...
Still going down…
The end is in sight!
The end is in sight!

I’m not sure how many steps there are, but it can’t be too many.  I mean, I did it in one go without wanting to die, so it must be relatively easy.  Just watch out for joggers – I had 3 pass me by on the way up.

Toronto surprised me by being a really green city.  There are trees everywhere, and it’s just so… filled with nature.  It’s a nice location.

On a side note, if you’ve a fan of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, then this is a great place to visit.  You can see where the fight between Scott and Lucas happens, and then the railing that Lucas grinds.  That was pretty much all I was thinking of as I went up and down the stairs.

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