What’s Around Tarragon Theatre?

Hidden in a shady glen?
Hidden in a shady glen?

I wasn’t sure what was near Tarragon Theatre (other than Castle Loma), but I was sure that something had to be there.  I mean, who puts a theatre in the middle of nowhere?

The theatre is pretty North of the city.  To get there I took a light rail East, transferred to a light rail going North, got off at the station and then walked (I could have taken a bus, but apparently it runs sporadically).  I was getting used to walking around Toronto.

I didn’t eat lunch before, because I wanted to get to the theatre early, get my ticket, and then walk around a bit.  Also, I wasn’t hungry when I left.  I assumed that there would be a café or something nearby that I could find a bite to eat.

I was wrong.

The area around Tarragon is nice and residential.  There’s a campus nearby, but not much in the way of food.  I mean, there could have been something around a corner, but I saw nothing while walking the area.

I should have gotten a bite after getting off the bus.  I landed near Honest Ed’s:

It's a bit hard to miss.
It’s a bit hard to miss.

Which was really close to the Pizza Pizza that Scott Pilgrim and his friends ate at (I’m pretty sure – it’s been a while since I’ve read the series).

Truthfully, the exteriors all look the same.
Truthfully, the exteriors all look the same.

But instead of eating around here, where there were options, I walked North and headed into a land of no food.

I ended up grabbing a croissant at a bakery – Sugary Swirls – and a cannoli.  Sadly, they had no cupcakes available, but they were super nice.

Tarragon offers a lunch-box program, where you can order a box lunch and eat it at the theatre.  I probably should have gone for that, but I didn’t know what my schedule would be like.

Lesson learned.  Just like the time I learned that you don’t go to Williamsburg before 2pm, don’t go to Tarragon hungry (unless you’ve ordered their box lunch).  Also, take the time to stop into Honest Ed’s and have a browse.

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