A Food Truck Party & Long Lines

[Toronto recap has been postponed while I muse about my recent “adventure” (yes, that was sarcasm)]

Yesterday I decided to go to the Food Truck Party in downtown Halifax with my friend Randi.  I’d heard about all the wonderful food trucks in the city, but I don’t have much luck finding them.  The fact that they would all be in one place was very tempting.

The event started at 4pm, and I arrived around 5:20.  The lines were already long by then.  Randi and I made a quick loop, looking for a truck that offered vegetarian fare (other than fries).  When we finally found one (Eats Mobile) we jumped in line.  Then we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  A group of 2 people ahead of us decided to give up.  Another group of 2 gave up.  And still we waited.

And update FB status...
And update FB status…

A friend passed by on his way to the shaved ice truck and we asked if he could get us something from there.  He did, thus saving our day (because we were starving and thirsty and it was hot outside).  I saw people passing by with really good looking food (Tin Pan Alley fries especially looked interesting), but there was no way I was going to give up waiting in one line just to wait even longer in another line.

I also really wanted doughnuts (Ol’ School Donuts), but my feet were killing me and the idea of standing in another line for over an hour was giving me dangerous/evil thoughts.  Luckily I had a friend in that line (thank the heavens for friends).

The donair sausage was good, but I was so hungry that I barely tasted it.  The fries were also good.  The coconut doughnuts were different than expected, but they won for best food item that day.

Still, nothing I had was worth the 60-120 minute waiting period.  There was nothing that wowed my tastebuds as much as that taco from Right Some Good (which I only had to wait 45 minutes to get).  Not a fault of the food trucks – who were trying their best to feed the hungry hordes – but more of an organizational idea to ponder for next time (twice as many trucks and vendors? three times?).

I doubt that the organizers expected this many people, despite the 2,000 “I’m going” replies on the FB page.  The pictures of all the people waiting for food might look good to the organizers, but they couldn’t see that we were all tired and starving.  Also, you could take another picture 30 minutes later and everyone will be in almost the exact same position.

The best part about the whole thing was running into friends and finding a nice patch of grass where we could sit and talk and eat.  Next time I’ll probably skip the trucks and bring a picnic instead.

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