The Great Annual Fringe Binge

It’s Labour Day!  This means spending the day relaxing before trying to cram in a few more Fringe shows!

Considering that it would cost over $450 to see all the shows (and you’d need a time machine), I’ve had to be picky in my choices.  But so far so good.  I’ve especially enjoyed “Tribe of One” and “Watch Out Wildcat”.

I caught a bit of “Watch Out Wildcat” at the Fringe Sampler and those 60 seconds told me that I had to see this show.  Man am I glad I did.  At one point I literally laughed so hard I cried.

If you’re unsure what to see at Fringe, definitely check out the sampler they have on the first night.  It’s free and you get to see 1 minute of most of the shows.  For me, it gave me an idea of the shows I’d like to see and those I’d take a pass on.

What’s great about Fringe is that you get to see shows from all over the world (one year we had a show from New Zealand).  Also, some of these shows tour the Fringe circuits, so they really know what they’re doing by the time they get here (our Fringe is quite late in the season).

Not a bad way to spend a Labour Day.




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