What’s Up Halifax?

Now that the Great Annual Fringe Binge is over (Fringe ended last night), we can move onto other things…  In a minute…

I saw some pretty fantastic shows: Watch out Wildcat; LegoLand; Les & Dawn; Wake Up Rosie; Tribe of One; In The Telling; We Wrote This; So Ho, By So (to name a few).

I also saw some not-so-great shows, but hey, nobody has to like everything.

As this week is starting out stressfully (oh so stressfully), I’m going to post some things that are going on around town that any visitors/locals should take note of:

The 34th Atlantic Film Festival.  Running Sept 11 to 18, it’s films films films!  I caught some great shorts and features last year and if I’m not too busy I’d love to see some stuff this year (truthfully I probably won’t get to see anything – such is my schedule).

This week “Into The Woods” opens at Neptune Theatre.  If the first half is Hans Christian Anderson, then the second half is definitely the Brother’s Grimm.  The songs are great and the princes are hilarious jerks.

There’s this thing called a Dough Ball happening this Saturday at the Dalhousie University Club.  It’s all about desserts, so if I didn’t have to work I’d be there in a heartbeat.  Buying a ticket gets you complimentary sampling and a tote bag from The Coast.  While I’m normally wary of first time events (usually *all* the problems happen at the first event, which they fix for the second event), this sounds… well, delicious.

And now I’m going to look at pictures of cats online to help me relax.  I should have a real post up on Wednesday for y’all.

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  1. I’m glad you made the trip to the Antigonish Highland Games and enjoyed the parade. It’s the oldest continuous Highland games outside of Scotland. Too bad you couldn’t stick around for the evening entertainment in the beer tent. It’s a hoot. And kudos f
    And I’m glad you like pipes. I’m the piper on the far right in the 2nd photo (near the Canadian flag).

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