It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since I’ve updated here.  Lack of travel + lack of inspiration + (what the heck is this blog about anyway?!?!) + too much going on = empty blog posts.  Missing one post was hard, but it got easier as time went on – much easier.  I was out of inspiration, out of ideas, out of everything…  It didn’t help that my Lasik drained my bank account.  I mean, it was a great decision and I’m really happy I did it, but you can’t travel without money, and you can’t write about travel if you’re not travelling.

See, I’m by no means rich.  I work two jobs and have almost no savings.  Most of the money I save I use for travelling (I’m a budget traveller so it’s never that much anyway).  I know that if I didn’t travel I’d just become some bitter, resentful person who hated everything.  I know that because that’s how I felt before my trip last month – that and utterly, completely, totally drained.  Thankfully, by the end of the trip I was glad to be going home.  I travel for many reasons, but one of the most important reasons is that it lets me recharge my batteries and get away from it all.  I like having a week or two where I don’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning or work or various commitments.  It’s refreshing.

I guess I have this past trip to thank, as it gave me inspiration to get back on the keyboard.  It might take me a while to blog about the trip itself, as I’m waiting on pictures (which may or may not come – depends on the person sending them), but maybe I’ll just go ahead without them.  Also, updates will depend on availability.  I’ll be so busy this month that I’ll be burning the candle at whatever ends I can find.

Anyways, that’s probably enough personal stuff for now.  Enjoy this picture of my cat being adorable:


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