Travel Necessity #1

It was just after my flight left Halifax when I realized that I’d forgotten my pashmina.  I was disappointed (in myself), because it was supposed to be my multi-purpose item – it could be a scarf, or a wrap/cloak, or a small blanket, or even a cushion.  (Pashmina: don’t leave home without it.)

It was our first night in Berlin when I realized that I’d forgotten something even more important.


Tiny soft blue pills of wonder.
Tiny soft blue pills of wonder.

I am the only person in my family who doesn’t snore.  Living alone means that I never have to worry about other people’s night-time habits or their ability to mimic chainsaws.  During all of my preparation I’d failed to realize that I was about to spend two weeks with my sister and mother in small hotel rooms.  I was unprepared.

In Berlin I slept with my ear to one pillow and a second pillow over my head, blocking the other ear.  I searched a DM (drugstore in Berlin) for earplugs but was unable to find any.  In England I tried to replicate the Berlin-method but the pillows weren’t as malleable and the room was smaller. Thankfully the next day I found a Boots and bought myself some earplugs.

If you’re travelling with someone who snores, take earplugs.  If you’re not sure if the other person snores, pack them anyway.  They’re small enough that they won’t take up much space and, by gods, if you need them you will be so glad that you have them.  Even my mother, who can usually sleep through a demolition, bought a pack for herself.

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