Nerdin’ It Up at the Berlin Philharmonic

I am a geek.  One time a co-worker asked what TARDIS stood for and I answered so quickly that even I was startled by my tenacity.  There are moments in my life where I have been surprised at how un-cool I am (and moments where I was not surprised at all).

However, my geek cred doesn’t stop me from acting super pretentious at times.

For example: Whilst in Berlin, Mother, Sister and I deigned to attend a performance of the Berlin Philharmonic.

(courtesy of the internets)

Aside from sometimes acting like a pretentious jerk, I also like symphonies.  Give me a big orchestra and music that fills up the room and I’m happy.  I’m a many-faceted person (symphony, theatre, ballet, Doctor Who, X-men, Supernatural).  So when Sis said that she wanted to attend the Berlin Philharmonic I was so there.

We had 2 choices: Sunday night and Monday night.  I was leaning towards Sunday because it was a violin concerto (and those are my favourite), while Monday was piano (I like piano as well, but I think it was just one person and I wanted a full orchestra).  We were hesitant to go on Sunday because we were arriving in Berlin on Saturday and we might still be jet-lagged, but violin concertos are the best, so we went with Sunday.

Of course, there was another reason I really wanted to go to the Philharmonic.  When Sis was asking me where we should sit, I looked up the seating chart for the concert hall to get an idea of the space.

Whoever designed this is awesome.  I didn’t care where I sat or what I saw – I just wanted to be in that building.



The outside is unique, but unassuming:

But inside the theatre you realize that there is no bad seat in that house!


You can see the Philharmonic from any angle you choose.  We sat behind the artists, but still had a fantastic view of everything – especially the conductor and the drums.  I spent most of the performance watching the drummers, with their many instruments and moments of anticipation.

Seriously – I love this design so much!


And don’t even get me started on the coloured glass walls in the lobby…  When the light hits it just right…


Oh, and the orchestra was pretty amazing as well.

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