Hola Germany!

You have successfully arrived in Berlin!
You have successfully arrived in Berlin!

The other day I was craving a mojito – not sure why, maybe because they’re delicious? – and then it occurred to me that the last time I had a mojito I was in Berlin.  Even though mojitos are tasty, it still seems odd to me that my first drink in Germany was not a beer (when in Rome and all that).  It was supposed to be beer, but due to forces out of our control (or possibly within our control) it wasn’t.

I don’t know if it’s a Newfoundland thing, or an East Coast thing, or even just a My Family thing, but we eat supper at 5pm.  Sometimes we can last until 6, but rarely later than 7.  This comes in very handy when we travel, as we usually arrive at a restaurant earlier than reservations start and are out of there by the time the crowds show up.

However, my mom and I didn’t get into Berlin until 5pm, and then we had to travel to the hotel and have a bit of a sit down after our 3-flights-3-countries-ordeal, so we didn’t leave the hotel until 8-ish.  By the time we got to the awesome steak house my sister had found online it was booked solid.  We didn’t see another steak place, so we walked back to the hotel – hoping to pass an interesting place on our way.  We ended up eating at a Mexican restaurant on the corner by our hotel, which I think was called Morelos.

The only picture of the outside of the place where we ate.  Memory fail.
The only picture of the outside of the place where we ate. Memory fail.

They served beer, but I was in a “Roman” mood, so I had a mojito.  In fact, none of us choose beer – Mom had wine, and Rayna had a margarita.  We must have been suffering from jet-lag or hunger as we didn’t take any pictures, and I can’t really remember what we ate, except that there were tacos and maybe potatoes…  I remember that the mojito was gone too quickly and that it took forever for sis to get her margarita – which was strong.

I do remember that we went back to the hotel & raided the cake display in the hotel restaurant for dessert.  But even then I can’t remember how they tasted.  I think the chocolate one was dense & the pink one tasted of berries & maybe the one with the fallen frosting was a basic cake…  I do remember that we bought the pink cake because it reminded me of that cake they had to make for a technical challenge on the Great British Bake Off…

3 people = 3 slices.  Basic Math.
3 people = 3 slices. Basic Math.

Mostly we were just relieved to not be in an airplane or airport.

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