Fassbender & Rausch: 2

Since our first trip to Fassbender & Rausch was such a success we decided that we should go back.  We figured that we should go there for supper – you know, a meal that they actually served.

I’ve mentioned before that my sister and I rarely re-visit a place during a trip (so many restaurants, so little time), but when you find a good place to eat it only makes sense to go back.  After all, their ice cream may be delicious, but what about the tortes?

All of their recipes include chocolate, which is par for the course for a restaurant on top of a huge chocolate store.  The best part, though, is that the meals are made in harmony with the chocolate, so that it adds to the meal instead of distracting.

Bread Course!
Bread Course!

The meal started with multigrain bread (well, I assume it is – just look at it), and some kind of spread with chocolate pieces and … I think they were olives or something like that, but not salty…  We have no idea what it was.  It was pretty good (chocolate and bread can’t go wrong), although we didn’t want to fill up before dessert.

We each ordered something different:

  • Salad with poached veal strips (milk chocolate, 39%, Madagascar)
  • Yellow cassava soup (milk chocolate, 43%, Venezuela)
  • Sweet potato soup with chicken satay (dark chocolate, 60%, Peru)
Salad + Chocolate
Soup + giant piece of Dragonfruit + chocolate
Soup + giant piece of Dragonfruit + chocolate
Soup + Satay + Chocolate
Soup + Satay + Chocolate

In addition to the chocolate already with the meal they offer to grate a chunk of dark chocolate & chili over your meal, and it is DELICIOUS.  Parmesan: I’m sorry, but you’ve been replaced.  (Side note: you can purchase said chocolate/chili chunk in the store – it even comes with a little grater.  Tracking that down was the first thing I did after finishing the meal.)

We finished the meal with more ice cream and hot chocolate, because of course we did.  Mom had the strawberry again, but Rayna and I split the raspberry.  Usually I favour raspberry, but I preferred the strawberry because it had chunks of fruit instead of just a sauce.

I had the hot chocolate/chili again because why would I bother trying something else when I have already found perfection?  Rayna had…   Again, I have no idea.  I was off in chocolate/chili land and apparently could pay no attention to her order.  But it looked good, and I’m sure it tasted fantastic as well.

Was it plain?  Dark?  Irish?  I have no idea...
Was it plain? Dark? Irish? I have no idea…

Our meal over, we required only one more thing from F&R…

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