Fassbender & Rausch: 3

The final chapter in my fond reminiscing of this place of chocolate wonder…  (I promise that they’re not sponsoring these posts, but if they want to send me chocolate in thanks I’d gladly accept.)

After the delicious meal we had at Fassbender & Rausch’s café we decided to go down to the store to purchase chocolates and, of course, tortes.  We were too full to eat any more, but who doesn’t want to have a light snack of mini tortes before bed?

We ordered downstairs because the display case was bigger and we wanted to peruse the rest of the store.  Plus I had to find that chocolate/chili chunk right away because without it my life would no longer have meaning.

So many tortes, so little stomach...
So many tortes, so little stomach…
Tortes, tortes, tortes!
Tortes, tortes, tortes!

We ordered 3 tortes – Marzipan mini torte, Mango mini torte, and the Tiramisu mini torte.  Well, I ordered them.  I have to brag a little here, so bear with me.  See, I’d been listening to some recordings in the hope that I would learn a bit of German (not enough to be bilingual – that would be hoping too much – but enough to be a nice tourist).  I didn’t get very far in the learning, but I did pick some things up.

While ordering the tortes I would just say what I wanted: “Ein Marzipan-Tortchen; ein Mango-Tortchen…”  When it comes to ordering desserts all you really need is a basic understanding of pronunciation and the ability to count to twelve.  When I was finished the cashier said “Ist das alles?” which I actually understood thanks to the tapes!  I replied “Ja, das ist alles” and thus had a successful conversation in German!

On our walk back to the hotel we realized that we didn’t have any forks for the tortes (I also had no idea what the German word for forks was – turns out it’s gabel).  So when we stopped at a little gelato place to buy drinks we took a few of those little shovel-shaped-spoons.  After all, a tiny shovel-spoon is better than nothing.

They were all different flavours, and quite delightful in their own way.  I’m big on tropical flavours, so the Mango was my favourite, with the Marzipan in second.  And even though I can’t properly start my day without a coffee I’m not crazy about chocolate/coffee flavours (although I do enjoy mascarpone cream).

Tortes with a tiny glimpse of the gelato shovel-spoon at the top.
Tortes with a tiny glimpse of the gelato shovel-spoons at the top.

I’d love to go back and try all of their tortes (especially some of their premium mini tortes), but it may be a while before I get back to Germany.  At least I have my chocolate/chili chunk.  For now.


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